LFWD Annual General Meeting

LFWD Annual General Meeting

Last week we held the AGM for Lothian Families with Diabetes. 


Thank you very much for attending tonight and thank you to Annette for booking the venue for us.

It’s been my absolute pleasure to be Chair of LFWD for the last two years and work with such a dedicated and caring committee. Unfortunately due to my personal circumstances I need to step down as Chair and do so reluctantly but also with the knowledge I’m leaving a strong, well established group with great presence in the community

I’m pleased that in my time the Facebook page has grown to nearly 400 followers and also set up Twitter. I’m also very pleased to have secured a partnership with Dobbies Melville. Though this required a tremendous amount of time and energy from all committee members and our wider members saw us increase our presence as well as raising funds for the group. LFWD also will benefit form the 5p bag charge which we hope to receive soon. Carrie will cover more in her financial report. I wish to record both my personal thank you and on behalf of LFWD our sincere thank you to Dobbies for this opportunity.

In continuing my desire for more awareness of our group I emailed and then sent leaflets to hospitals to display and supplied Sick Kids with fliers to give to newly diagnosed families. My thanks to Diabetes Scotland for printing the fliers and also for their ongoing support and assistance.

Another innovation was by Annette who has instated a buddy system so any newly diagnosed families can buddy with someone experienced, something I could have really benefitted from when my son was diagnosed.

I made a speech to RoundTable which helped raise our profile and and resulted in Tesco asking us to be present in their store as a charity benefactor however, we decided not to take this up as we as a committee are already stretched and could not commit more time. This highlighted to us the need for wider involvement from our members. The round table also made a very generous donation to us and also to Diabetes Scotland in our name.

I instated a regular coffee morning at Dobbies and then after about 6 months decided to hold these in West Lothian where we have quite a few members. Campbell Lawley has been instrumental in keeping this going in Livingston and my thanks to him.

In the last year our amazing Annette and Hazel have run many events which Annette will expand on in her report. James successfully set up our web page and we also now have a closed peer support group on Facebook. Huge thanks to them.

Lindsay very creatively came up with the idea of selling “shit bags” and donating profits to LFWD and I thank her for her creativity and energy.

I genuinely cannot thank each and every committee member enough for all their time and energy in supporting LFWD. The time and commitment given by each one just in helping with Dobbies events cannot be over stated. I’m truly honoured to have the pleasure of knowing these wonderful, selfless people. I know the other committee members won’t mind a special thanks be given to Annette who has been truly outstanding in her time commitment and to Carrie for hosting most of our committee meetings.

I’m excited for the coming year to see how LFWD continues to grow and thank the committee and members for their support.



On Tuesday night the Lothian Families with Diabetes committee held our annual general meeting.

The aim of this meeting was to review the successes of the previous year, to plan for the future and to elect committee members to drive the group forward.

Whilst there have been numerous successful events and fundraising initiatives this past year, we regret to inform you that the Lothian Families with Diabetes group is struggling to continue into 2018.

Regular attendance at committee meetings has declined as member's children have grown up, but there have not been enough new volunteers to fill the gaps left behind. As a result of this we do not have the man power on committee to continue planning events with the same scope and frequency as we have in the past.

We, as a committee, remain hopeful that many of the hundreds of families living with Type 1 Diabetes still want these events and activities to continue, and as such will be willing to give up some of their time to volunteer and make it happen.

We ask that you share this message with families in the Lothians that are living with Type 1 Diabetes, ask them to join our peer support group, and to get in touch with us if they want to see our events continue into 2018 and beyond, and that can put in the time and energy needed to make this happen.

We hope that you are all well, that the people with diabetes in your life are getting all the support that they need, and that we will be very soon be flooded with offers of help and support.


LFWD Committee